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Introducing : The Shins « G's music review blog [...] as my regular readers will know, I recently reviewed an album by a band called Broken Bells and the guitar/vocals of that band is provided by a Mr James Mercer. He is also a singer/songwriter [...]
NJD Liking this album a lot chap!
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NJD G - loving this album. One of my favourites so far!
The journey continues : On Beyond by Muchuu (夢中) [...] As you will all know from reading my blog, I do this for fun. I do it because I love music and because I would like to share good music as I find it. It purely is the satisfaction that my friends comment on the things I write and as a bonus, according to my stats, other people all over the world read it too. But something special has happened recently – two artists have got in touch. One of them was the awesome Alice Gold (read a review of her album here) and the other was the equally special Muchuu. [...]
Bear 夢中 or 霧中 means fog, or crazy... apparently. Lady Gag. Ha Ha.
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Another tiger but this time it’s not Scottish! : Catching a Tiger by Lissie « G's music review blog [...] called “Little Noise Sessions” and was all in aid of Mencap. We picked it up because Ellie Gouding was headlining and I thought I’d should see if she was better in a less noisy setting… [...]
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Maltese names bring British Electro sound : Fenech-Soler by Fenech-Soler [...] couple of albums under that classification such as Cut Copy’s “In Ghost Colours” (reviewed here) but I don’t think it’s very representative. It’s like buying a car purely on it [...]
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Don’t believe everything you read : The Constant by I Blame Coco [...] said that, to like her you will have had to like Miike Snow’s debut album (reviewed here), Mr Hudson, at least the first 5 or so tracks of Royksopp’s Junior, and of course, a little [...]
Foot tapping summer fun : Acolyte by Delphic « G's music review blog [...] last thing, my good friend Andy continually berates me because on my Miike Snow review I said that he suggested a rating out of 10 and I had come up with the G score. That is [...]
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