Welcome! Actually, I suppose I should we saying “Sorry for my departure”. I kinda gave up on this blog because I thought no one was reading it. Then I got a couple of emails and nudges in the pub asking what was going on. So I’m back! I’ve moved it to my own servers, and I’m sporting a new ‘theme’. Good isn’t it?!

Now, I’m not imagining this is going to be the most popular blog in the world but for those of you that did read it, this is for you… And please tell everyone/anyone you know about it.

Another incidental side effect of not writing this blog is I haven’t bought any albums for a bit. The poor music industry will be in Dire Straits! You liked the reference didn’t you? 😉 Go on, admit it. Just a bit…

Luckily, I have a couple up my sleeve anyway and there’s a couple I want to order so I should be able to keep you all entertained.

So enough of the chit-chat and lets get down to business. I’ve been listening to a lot of electro based stuff. That might be because I like the way my earphones tickle my ears during my walk into work, it may be because as I wave my twenties goodbye, I’m feeling nostalgic, or it may be because it all rocks. But lets face it boys and girls, you can’t beat a good old indie rock band.

Tourist History by Two Door Cinema Club
Tourist History by Two Door Cinema Club

Allow me to introduce Two Door Cinema Club and their debut album Tourist History. Good old indie rock. I stumbled upon these guys by accident on Spotify and then a couple of weeks later, wandering around Paris (as you do), I saw a whole raft of billboard fliers for them. “Curious” I thought as this lot herald from Northern Ireland. But on further investigation, it turns out that they somehow-or-other have managed to get signed by a french label, Kitsuné Music.

I’ll give you a brief intro to this lot because when I read it, it made me chuckle. The band is made up of 3 chaps : Alex Trimble (Vocals, Guitar), Sam Halliday (Vocals, Guitar) and Kevin Baird (Vocals, Bass). Alex and Sam met at the same secondary school, and they met Kevin whilst trying to score with a bunch of girls they mutually knew! Oh, and their name comes from one of the band mispronouncing a local cinema (The Tudor Cinema).

So now you know them, next time you see them, you can buy them a pint, tell them they rock, and say you heard about them here. You can buy me a pint too. And a vodka tonic for the Mrs.

Their album is made up of 10 loud, energetic, guitar singing, drum banging and bass growling loveliness. I don’t think I’d call it a summer album. The lyrics aren’t always super happy – Take “Come back home” for example and it’s continued talk of being alone… but its one of those albums the for some reason sounds great because of the temp, and the arrangement.

I think there’s something to be said about a singers accent and the Northern Ireland roots come through adding some extra charm to the songs. If any of you have seen Duke Special, and I know a few of you have, you’ll know what I mean. It adds another dimension.

For a debut album, Tourist History oozes a huge amount of artistic maturity and depth. You’d be forgiven thinking that this is the magic number 2 album and they are top 40 masters. Every track has been meticulously put together, with strong lyrics and great sound and the payback for that is an audio bounty on every track. Each one crafting a distinct sound for the band but providing a nice range of diversity to leave you feeling rewarded.

OK, I’ve mislead you a little bit. There clearly is a bit of synth and possibly a programmed drum machine so it’s not pure indie rock but it’s still a rock album, there still is plenty of guitar and it still is a ‘rocking’ album… in my opinion anyway.

So there you have it. Tourist History by Two Door Cinema club. A bit fat 4 G’s from me.


I hope you enjoy it. Please drop me comments to let me know how you found it!


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