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G How very rock and roll! Another confirming nugget of your Mr Cool status. Sorry it's taken so long to get back to you. Been a bit rubbish lately. You're white-listed now though so comment away!
Dan Walsh A long time ago...some friends and I ran a club night called Alibi in Camden's now gone but not forgotten Oh! Bar. We used to put on live Electro acts found via MySpace and guess which Kings Cliffe four-piece got in touch with us and played twice? That's right, Depeche Mode. No I'm joking. It was Fenech-Soler, thoroughly nice lads and it's great to see then getting somewhere in what must be a pretty tough industry.
Nicholas Very pop-y but it's growing on me!
G Not bad eh? I like finding little gems like this. I'm just writing a new review for you to enjoy :)
Nicholas Like this one a lot!
G Hey Joel! Sorry for taking so long to approve this and reply. I've been snowed under and only just got around to updating my blog. I'm writing a new review now ;) I'm glad Oz is getting itself sorted. Stay safe, G
Joel Great review. You're selling records.... heard 'Clap your hands' on the local alternative music station and liked it but thought it sounded a bit 'Christina Aguilera" and now I know why! It's like an ear worm though, it just wiggles on in there and won't let you go. Will have to buy the rest of the album now. And if I'd known she was the Zero 7 vocalist, I would have already bought it! Things are starting to dry out over here, by the way. Thank god. More rain due next week though. Wish us well. Stay well G, Joel
G Well, you know what I'm going to say to that... ;)
Nicholas Yeah, tough one to get! I can get his older albums, but not this one...
Back to the Future : Saved by Tinashé [...] some of you may remember that I found Lissie at a gig at the Union Chapel towards the end of last year. Well, there were a couple of other [...]
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NJD Liking this album a lot chap!
NJD G - loving this album. One of my favourites so far!
The journey continues : On Beyond by Muchuu (夢中) [...] As you will all know from reading my blog, I do this for fun. I do it because I love music and because I would like to share good music as I find it. It purely is the satisfaction that my friends comment on the things I write and as a bonus, according to my stats, other people all over the world read it too. But something special has happened recently – two artists have got in touch. One of them was the awesome Alice Gold (read a review of her album here) and the other was the equally special Muchuu. [...]
Bear 夢中 or 霧中 means fog, or crazy... apparently. Lady Gag. Ha Ha.