I get my new music from a number of places. Mostly blogs and referral systems such as Last.fm or the ‘Related Artists’ tab on Spotify, but this one comes to you courtesy of my lovely girlfriend Clare.

I’ve been trying very hard to get into some of the more recently released albums from everyone from LMFAO through to the latest Arctic Monkey’s album but nothing has excited me enough to even listen to them more than once, let alone write about them. So that is why I’m very pleased to introduce you to Alice Gold and her debut album “Seven Rainbows”.

Seven Rainbows by Alice Gold
Seven Rainbows by Alice Gold

But what you get immediately from listening to her is a rough, gritty and raw sound that oozes character, depth and a real sense of individualism. I might not be going her justice in describing her as sometimes sounding like Coco, but she does – especially on the first track “Seasons Change”. In other tracks she sounds a bit like Janis Joplin (although with a slightly smoother sound) and then a bit of Cerys Matthews (of Catatonia) in the track “Fairweather Friend”.

One thing for sure is this a rock loving, no-nonsense artist that likes singing and writing straightforward rock inspired music and it comes across in bundles.

It’s not all rock ‘n’ roll, there are a couple of slower, softer tracks on her album. I think they distract from the majority of bigger anthems on here but I’m sure they are just as welcomed as the others on the album.

I think that as she finds her favourite sound and gathers a bigger following, her style will develop and we’ll see more of the ‘big tunes’. But for now, this is an excellent album that entertains, is wonderful to listen to, and in some cases, even stirs the odd emotion. And in my opinion of the current manufactured, mainstream rubbish that is currently floating about, this lass deserves a massive pat on the back for developing a sound and singing with a heart.

4 G’s


UPDATE 18/08/2012 : Clare and I have just got married and we chose “Runaway Love” from this album as our ‘first dance’ song. We even got our band to learn it so we could see it live.

I tweeted Alice to let her know and she was even kind enough to reply 🙂

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