One of the things I’ve learnt about writing a blog like this is it develops a character and a purpose that might not necessarily be what you intended it to be. I originally set out to write about all of the music I listen to and give an honest opinion of what I think about it. In reality, I’ve found myself only writing about albums I like and my readers (THAT’S YOU!) seem to like that. They use my blog for a list of albums worth going for.

To be honest, that makes me very happy and encourages me to continue. However, some people have pointed out that I never writer about bad albums, or albums I don’t like, and that doesn’t really do my listening justice. I listen to probably 10 times more music than I write about and that all goes to waste.

So to correct that, I’m going to write about an album that I’ve been listening to since I bought it on it’s day of release (10th September 2010) and that, in case you haven’t guessed, is “Science and Faith” by “The Script”.

Science and Faith by The Script
Science and Faith by The Script

I bought the first album and loved it. It is one of those real emotion stirring albums that, if you’re lucky enough to have a special someone in your life, makes you think about how wonderful they are and how unhappy you might be if you lost them.

They’re great live too. I saw them at the Roundhouse in London as well as a couple of other places. They’re a great band.

And “Science and Faith” continues with that. This is a solid album. I have no complaints about the tunes – it’s well put together and judging by the fact it’s been in the UK top 50 since it’s release (27 weeks at writing), and it was number 1 in the UK charts, clearly lots of other people think so too.

But I have a problem with this album. Basically, it’s a carbon copy of the original and I find that a bit grating. Now, as we all know, if you’re onto a good thing, sometimes it’s best not to mess with the formula. Take the Go! Team for example, their 3 albums are very similar. But the problem with The Script verses the Go! Team is the Go! Team are a happy bunch of mad folk, producing a foot tapping, inimitable sound that leaves you gasping for more and makes you feel good. The Script make you feel sad. Topping that, it’s the same old stuff their singing about. Ex-girlfriends that the lead singer (Danny O’Donoghue) wishes he still had or being unemployed… it just leads you to think that this fellow is either the most unlucky bloke in the world or he’s a little depressed (or both).

As I have said, it is a good album from a technical point of view, I’ve just had enough of the moaning. If they do want to moan, perhaps they could think of some new style of music to put behind it. Or better still, they could look at the positive things in life like the fact they are international rock stars with a bank balance to match. They are a talented band – I just wish they’d apply it better.

If you didn’t buy their first album, then this one will be fine. You’ll enjoy it and it’ll probably mean something to you. If you bought the first one, don’t bother with this one as it’s just a rewind of the first one.

I’m afraid this is A for effort but 1 G for attainment.


On the bright side though, I got to mention the Go! Team again and I wrote about something I have bought, listened to, and perhaps learnt a lesson.

One thought on “The formula works, but… : Science and Faith by The Script

  1. Thanks for review… it’s great. Although i think I’ll still be buying the new album, the lyrcs are great. Although I second on your comment about their music sometimes being sad, but i guess it’s the reason why they have such following is because a lot of folks relate to it. Great blog. Thanks!

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