You may have noticed that I have been a little quiet over the last few weeks. There’s good reason for this and no, it isn’t because I’m lazy. After the year making a fantastic start out of the traps with its music offerings, things have got a bit sparse! Now, remember, by order of the Management (Me), I am only allowed to write about albums I buy. Everything I review, I have put my money where my ears are and handed some hard earned cash over the the people that went to the trouble of making the music. I listen to loads of other stuff on the radio, and Spotify as well as picking up stuff as I wander around but if it doesn’t inspire me enough to buy it, I won’t write about it…

I suppose that makes this blog a little bit of a niche. I mean, someone must like Ne-Yo or else he wouldn’t be No.1 in the singles market. And Lady Gag seems to be doing well. Hey, Robyn even has a new album so someone must be buying it! Just not me. And I figure, that you are only interested in knowing what was a wise purchase or a wild, backfiring, gamble.

Adventure We Go by Muchuu
Adventure We Go by Muchuu

They started writing music one day because they were bored and I’m quite glad they did.

Their music is inspired by Milky’s love of all things Japanese and I have to admit that when I first listened to this (before I had done some research on Muchuu), I did think it sounded a bit Japanese-y. Milky sings with a slightly ‘cutesie’ voice and  the music is very dreamy, oriental kinda stuff. It’s very good though, especially when you consider that it’s just the two of them and they’re both quite young (Milky is 20-ish and George is 18-ish).

As I’ve kind of eluded too, this is more of a chilled album than a super pop album but it’s not ‘I’m-feeling-a-little-bit-sleepy’ music. Tracks such as “When I am brave” mix an accordion with a story about…erm, well I’m not sure but I think it’s a fairy tail and it’s all very catchy. There’s also lots of nice little details like “Get away train” which sounds like they’ve incorporated the ‘click’ that Internet Explorer makes when you get redirected. OK!!! I know, I am a geek but that’s what I do for a living! Don’t let that put you off either. It really is a good tune. There’s lots of other things in there that make this a nice and rounded album.

Most of their lyrics are either fairy-tail-y or are about being bored, moving away or having a party. Which is all fine. You get lost in the dreamy feel of the album anyway. “Muchuu” is apparently Japanese for “to be in an ecstatic, delirious trance or dream” so the album definitely fits the name!

With a lot of mediocre music around (in my opinion anyway), I think these two stand out and with so little experience, I think they’ve knocked out a cracking debut album. Some of you might find them a little sickly-sweet… the Japanese certainly won’t. I think they have just written an album that seems to be brimming with innocence and whisks me away to my care free summers when I was younger. Now I sound like an old geek… could it get worse?!

I’ll finish off with this quote from Milky that I think should be the moto of this blog:

“The music is mostly about escapism and magic, using your imagination and dreaming, feeling lonely, feeling happy and appreciating the little things in life”


I give this 3 G’s out of 4.


Now, rather appropriately, I am off to Japan for three weeks at the beginning of September. I hope to write one more entry before I leave but seeing as all of the albums I really want aren’t out until the end of September, that doesn’t look hopeful. But I’ll see what I can do. If not, stay faithful, and I’ll be back at the end of September.


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