Who loves indie rock?! Yeah!!! Me too! I know spring isn’t quite here yet but I’ve now got the winter and snow and anything remotely enjoyable about it out of my system and I’m ready for some warmth.

I’d like a nice cold beer in the sunshine… maybe by the river or maybe sitting in a park listening to music. I want to wear shorts and t-shirts. I want the sun to stay up as long as me 🙂

I’ve gone off on a tangent a little bit but indie rock reminds me of all these lovely things and I’d like to sprinkle a little sunshine on you through your speakers.

Today’s gift is “Champ” by the “Tokyo Police Club”.

Champ by Tokyo Police Club
Champ by Tokyo Police Club

Heralding from Newmarket, Ontario, Canada – the band is a 4 piece lead by sing and bassist Dave Monks and their style… well is indie rock.

I know any Canadian that reads this is going to shout at me an call me lots of rude things but the band have a very American college sound to them. Kind of a Californian vibe. Almost like the Dandy Warhols but with masses more fun.

Champ is only their second full-length album and follows “Elephant Shell” (which is nearly as good!). It’s a real credit to a bunch of chaps that only set up their band in 2005 and are bashing out such a good set of tunes.

For all of you that liked Tourist History by Two Door Cinema Club, this is definitely another one for your CD collection.


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