Happy New Year loyal readers! Welcome to 2011! I hope you all have a wonderful year packed full of new music and good vibes!

As you may have noticed, some changes are already afoot for 2011 – in this case, I have revamped the site. I don’t know about you lot but I was having trouble with the whole white-text-on-black-background thing. I also wanted the blog to evolve to be a bit more structured rather than the stream of posts it was becoming. I hope you like it and as ever, comments are gratefully received via the comments section or on social media.

To kick off my first article of 2011, I’m going to bring something that I found towards the end of last year. The album is called “Believe” and it’s by a chap called Morgan Page. I have been saving this one for just this post because I think it suits the time of year and general frame of mind of everyone.

Believe by Morgan Page
Believe by Morgan Page

Most of my friends have complained that this week has felt like a month, despite the fact it was only a 4 day week. I think we all feel the same.

So, with that in mind, I think this album is fantastic for now.

What we have here is a series of tunes that have enough of a kick to them to keep you entertained but without too much enthusiasm to leave you exhausted. If any of you have ever seen the film Human Traffic, this is one of those albums you might play on the way home from a massive clubbing session. You’ve had a great time, you still wish you had the energy to carry on, but for now you’re happy just to kick back.

By way of a brief introduction to Mr Page, he is a DJ from LA that is more famous for working with other people than he is for his own work. In fact, some might even criticise him for being a bit slow at producing his own stuff but in my opinion, a rare gem is better than an abundance of mediocrity. He’s made his name remixing tracks from Madonna to Norah Jones, from Coldplay to Korn – and from what I can tell, he’s very good at it.

With this album, he has built his tracks around a number of guest vocalists… and here is how I found him. Track 2 “Strange Condition”, track 3 “Believe” (the title track) and track 5 “Fight for you” all feature a lady called Elisabeth Mauras… or ‘Lissie‘ to you and me. For those of you that don’t know here, read my review of her album and find an undiscovered gem.

If I was to criticise this album, it would be that it can get a bit samey. The first couple of listens has you completely focused but it can wear a little thin after a while. Having said that though, if I go back to the context that I’m introducing it through, it’s perfect to help you dream about all of the wonderful things that you are going to achieve in 2011.

I found this one a little hard to get hold of but persevere and you shall have a backing track to your new year… or at least to get past the aftermath of the last one πŸ˜‰

Three G’s


Very quickly, before I go. My lass has commented on the fact I only write about albums I like lately. The main reason for that is I have found so much good stuff and the albums I’ve bought that I don’t care for too much, I’ve left out. So I’ll try to write a few extra reviews to objectively pass on my thoughts about some other albums I’ve listened to. That said, the next one is an absolute cracker so stay tuned!!!

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