You may have noticed that the last few albums that I’ve written about have been similar in sound. Well, that’s all going to change folks! Certainly for this review anyway.

In The Air by Morgan Page
In The Air by Morgan Page

Here we have the third studio album from a Mr Morgan Page. And if you read my review of his last album, Believe (available here), you’ll appreciate the ‘party’ angle.

For those of you that are new to this, Morgan Page is famous for being a progressive house and electro house DJ from Los Angeles. He made his name remixing other peoples tracks but more recently, he has producing his own stuff. Another of his trademarks is he uses guest singers.

‘In The Air’ is no exception to this with the likes of Richard Walters and, Tegan and Sara (If you’ve never listened to anything from Tegan and Sara, I highly recommend their 2004 album “So Jealous”) providing the vocals whilst Mr Page works his magic with the tunes.

Despite the DJ introduction, I wouldn’t call this a ‘dance’ album. In fact, that would really be doing this an injustice. As with Believe, there’s plenty of up-beat tracks and I get the impression that all of the music is synthetic but that tunes are mature, melodic and well put together. I suppose it’s a bit Daniel Beddingfield – just about a million times better.

Each track has its own character and definition and each of the 13 tracks are a joy to listen to. I have quite a busy day job and when I need to concentrate on a report I have a habit of putting my earphones in and listening to something that I can use to block the world out with. I’ve been doing that a lot with this album but the problem is, I get caught up with the album rather than my thoughts 😉

If you don’t fall in love with the album just by just listening to the first 4 songs (particualrly “Carry Me” featuring Nadia Ali) then this isn’t the sort of music for you. But if you find that it has tickled your insides then you’ll love the rest.

Another great album from Mr Page. Go buy it!

GGGG (4 out of 4)

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