So without further a do, please allow me to introduce “Cut Copy”. They are an electropop/synth-esque band from Melbourne and I think they rock. Indeed, this is why I think that music is still the best form of entertainment and why the interweb is a great thing for bands (providing we all keep paying for their music). I found this lot purely by accident whilst messing around one Sunday afternoon and without the interweb, I probably wouldn’t have.

In Ghost Colours by Cut Copy
In Ghost Colours by Cut Copy

The album up for grabs here is “In Ghost Colours” and it was released 2008. It got to No.1 in the charts in Australia but only No.167 in the US… and obviously nowhere over here (although, apparently The Times ranked it No.2 in the ‘100 Best Albums of the Year’ in 2008). But I think that’s more down to the record company not marketing them as a band. The US has always been seen as the king of markets and perhaps the record company used that as a testbed for the UK but it’s a bit short sighted. Incidentally, they are signed to the same people that brought us “New Young Pony Club” and “The Avalanches”. Maybe it’s an Aussie thing… “Sneaky Sound System” are another great Aussie band and although I heard a couple of their tracks on Radio 1, they didn’t get too far (if you do check them our, take a look at their video for “Pictures”. The track is awesome and the video is a lot of fun!)

Anyway, what does “In Ghost Colours” sound like? Well, as I said before, this as more of the electronic stuff but not in a way that you expect. The Aussie’s seem to have their own brand of electro music and it’s a little bit cheesy. Not too cheesy, but just a little. I suppose it it kinda reflects the easy going attitude that is stereotypical of our southern hemisphere cousins but it definitely has influenced the music here. And to add to the picture, think a little ‘new romantic’ as well.

Having said that, the album knocks out track after track of good music…. and there are 15 tracks! This is a real marathon of music and that alone makes it good value. There’s lots of clever use of synth and drum machines, but there’s also a bit of clever mixing and some good old fashioned instruments too.

Some tracks sound a little like they have been borrowed from the 80’s but being an 80’s kid, I like that!

This isn’t the best album in the world but it definately is a cracker and the best bit is that none of your friends will have heard of them which makes you sound cool.

This one get 3 out of 4 G’s


I hope you like the recommendation. If you listen to it, let me know what you think!

Oh, and I promise that the next recommendation won’t take me so long to publish… honest 🙂

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