No, I haven’t forgotten to put the bands name and album title in – that is their name!

Sorry for not being around for a bit. It’s a shame I can’t earn a living writing my blog because I could dedicate more time to it and I would thoroughly enjoy making a living out of listening and writing about music. Alas, the demands of the real world mean that I can’t do that. But I am back and I hope to get back into the swing of things.

And with Valentine’s Day just behind us, I thought I’d throw this one at you. Apparently, all of their songs are about love and sex… although, not in an obvious way.

Now, those of you in the know will point out that this The XX and their debut album has been around since 2009 and I am a bit late to the party. And you would be right. But some of you might not of heard of them and this is really what it’s all about.

XX by The XX
XX by The XX

Having said that, their sound does stand out and is very individual. It’s mostly laid back guitar tinkering with plenty of bass guitar doing more than just fill in the blanks. Everything is covered with a progressive beat and this all supports the duo’s melancholic songs.

I’ve read reviews of this album that describes it as “beautiful”. I wouldn’t go that far – I find the first 6 or so tracks are a pleasure but I struggle as I get towards the end but I will definitely acknowledge the talent. I wasn’t sure I liked it that much when I first listened but for some inexplicable reason, I kept coming back. I think it’s the beautifully (Damn! Now I’m at it!) clean base lines that is my hook. You really do need to listen to this album on a good hi-fi. “Fantasy” is a good example of this and a test of your sound systems low range coverage.

I can’t see myself skipping to work with this or even getting inspired in the car but it’s most definitely a good album for a quiet night in and and something to kick back too.

I’m going to give this one 2 G’s. Some might love it, others will hate it. For most, it’s a credible addition to your music collection.


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