Yesterday, I was talking about how I listen to things but don’t write about them. That has had other curious frustrations in that there are some albums I listened to some time ago, didn’t write about them, and now they’re big acts. Tinie Tempah is a good example of this. I suppose, it doesn’t really matter – it would just be me showing off anyway. But last night I was in a bar in London, licking my wounds after me and my friends came 3rd out of 4 teams in a pub quiz, and to my surprise, a song came on from a certain Tinashé. So, before Radio 1 and co. get to you before I do, allow me to introduce him to you.

Now, some of you may remember that I found Lissie at a gig at the Union Chapel towards the end of last year. Well, there were a couple of other artists there that I hadn’t heard of and Tinashé was one of them.

I should probably point out now that anyone Goggling for him might be surprised with their results… there is another Tinashé that is a ‘famous’ musician (and actress) but that ones a she. So be careful!

On Tinashé’s website, he says that he was a massive Michael Jackson fan but there isn’t any of his influence in Tinashé’s sound. What we have here is a much more acoustic sound, playing heavily on pianos and strings.

Keeping in mind that Tinashé is 25, his music does sound very young – as in it’s quite ‘pop’ sounding and his lyrics talk about trials and tribulations that we all battle with as we attempt to find our ways in the big wide world – flatmates pinching the milk, hangovers and that causing us to be late for work, and young relationships. Having such a disrupted upbringing (one minute living in a 1 room shack with 9 others and no amenities to getting on a plane with his Grandad and rejoining his mum in Hackney), it think it has given Tinashé a difference view of the world and his lyrics do have a nice perspective of things.

It’s generally a jolly sounds, although I do find it a little simple at times, kind of as though I’d like both the sound and the subjects to be a bit more grown up. That said, there’s lot to like here. There’s a warm, friendly and very natural feel to his album. It’s easy to relate to and the positive outlook of the album definitely rubs off on you.

I like this album – I don’t love it but I do like it. I think that as Tinashé grows as an artist and an individual, there will be amazing things to come from him. He’s very talented and he certainly has the devotion. I’m looking forward to seeing (and hearing) his development but for now I’m classifying this one under Album Recommendation/Take it or leave it because I think some people will really get on with it but for others, it might just be ‘nice’. So 2 G’s (out of 4 remember).


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