My name is Graham.

I’m a keen photographer, love my music, and professionally, I work with all things digital. This is my blog.

Some of you will know that this blog has been around for a while. It’s main purpose is to showcase (or not) good music that I come across. Occasionally, I’ll write about an album I don’t like but that’s mainly because that artist/group/band have done some good stuff in the past and I’ve liked it.

I also want to encourage people to buy music which will continue to encourage people to make music. I’m a massive fan of systems such as Spotify and Last.fm, and I think ideas like that help people access a wider range of artists and music that they would not ordinarily come across. But we should all still buy the music we like. It seems only fair to reward someone for entertaining us.

In addition to that, I also want to mix in the occasional bit of photography and maybe even a digital thought. I guess my blog is inspired by sites like The Verge except I don’t get paid by anyone. In fact, I don’t even get freebies (so please send them if you like!!!).

I hope you enjoy my blog and please feel free to send me comments, your recommendations and anything else you fancy talking to me about.